hCG Assisted Diet

HCG Assisted Diet

Commit to be Fit with the HCG Assisted Diet

Our mission is to work with people to create a customized diet program specific to each individual. Our pricing makes the HCG Assisted Diet more affordable than many other diets.

All US Prescription Products! Our medically supervised HCG Assisted weight loss program combines HCG with a sensible diet plan to produce dramatic results in a fast but safe program. We offer ongoing weight loss counseling and support, without additional charge. Your success is our success!

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HCG Assisted Diet Weight Loss Injections

The HCG assisted is more popular than most other weight loss program in existence today! The original HCG diet was developed in 1954. It advocated an extremely restricted 500 calorie per day diet. However, eating so few calories per day is inherently risky and could lead to health problems. We have learned a great deal about these weight loss injections and how they relate to weight gain and weight loss since the original HCG protocols by Dr. Simmeons in the late 1950s. The HCG Assisted Diet is not a one size fits all program. The modernized protocols call for a minimum of 750 to 800 Calories. Some people may require more. We evaluate that during the consultation process.

Most websites make claims that this hormone permanently resets a person’s metabolism. This is false. No clinical studies in the USA support this information. Any type of diet requires long-term strategies, such as eating right to maintain weight loss. Where we stand out is that we offer ongoing weight loss counseling and support, without additional charge. Your success is our success! Contact us today to get started or enroll in the HCG assisted diet online!


No Worries, we have hCG/B12 oral tablets that are just as effective. Give us a call about the oral tablets! The oral tablets are 100% real hCG.  We don’t want you to confuse our oral tablets with the fake hCG drops and tablets that were on the market years ago giving our industry a bad reputation.


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Total Program cost all-inclusive is $345

Our highly suggested 15 day Digestive System Cleanse and Life Extension Daily Multiple Vitamin are optional.

Note: If you are 15 pounds or more overweight and have an accumulation of fat in the belly you are most likely suffering from Leptin Resistance. Until this is corrected you will have a very hard time keeping weight off. We have added Leptin Correction to your program. This is key to permanent success and it’s free.


We do not sell any products on this website or at our business location.  We only provide comprehensive Weight Loss Programs which provide everything you need.

After application is submitted to our State Licensed Health Care Clinic and the Doctors approval is obtained, you will be taking part in a highly modernized protocol using a Combination Hormone injection for phases 1 and 2.

You will then be converted to the Paleo protocol to correct you probable Leptin Resistance or Carnitine deficiency for the Phase 3 maintenance.