hCG Assisted Diet

Why HCG Works

Why an HCG Assisted Diet Works for Weight Loss

If you look in the mirror and think, “I need help losing weight!” then it’s time to contact us about our HCG assisted diet program. Our pricing and physician supervision makes the HCG Telehealth Program more affordable than many other diets. Our mission is to work with people to create a customized diet program specific to each individual after the initial interview. There may be alterations from the modernized protocols based on your individual needs. We are confident our Dieters will lose about 3/4 lb. per day when they have up to 30 pounds to loose. The more weight you are carrying, the higher your daily weight loss will be. There are many reasons people fail to lose unwanted weight. It’s not your fault! Don’t resort to diet pills, bariatric surgery, lap bands or starvation. Weight loss is our business, and we are only successful if you lose the weight! Buy HCG online through our customized program.

Losing weight will be beneficial to your health. Why do physicians go on our medical protocol? Because it works, and doctors do what works!

Some HCG dieting programs have you eating only 500 calories per day. We urge you not to do this. It is simply unhealthy. Our program has evolved to the 21st century and beyond! The HCG Assisted Diet is more popular than most other weight loss programs in existence today.

The original HCG diet was developed in 1954. It advocated an extremely restricted 500 calorie per day diet. However, eating so few calories per day is inherently risky and could lead to health problems. We have learned a great deal about weight gain problems, nutrition and weight loss since the 1950s and 750 Calories minimum is the correct modernized protocol.

Most websites make claims that this hormone permanently resets a person’s metabolism. This is false. No clinical studies in the USA support this information. Any type of diet requires long-term strategies such as eating right to maintain weight loss. Where we stand out, is that we offer ongoing weight loss counseling and support, without additional charge. Your success is our success!

You achieve success because our team of physicians, nurses and weight loss counselors will work with you to develop a unique and personalized diet plan while uncovering the reasons for your weight gain in general. If you are an active person, or a vegetarian or have as little as 10 pounds to lose, our Diet is customized to you as an individual. We are so effective because we personalize the diet to meet your specific body type and lifestyle.

The Journal of the American Medical Association has warned against the original HCG 20 & 40-day diets. Experts say, “Continued adherence to such a drastic 500 calorie regimen is potentially more hazardous to the patients’ health than continued obesity.”