hCG Assisted Diet

Supplementing Weight Loss With Injections

There is no secret, quick fix pill that will magically create weight loss. Losing weight in an effective manner takes hard work, dedication, and a physician guided program that offers unparalleled supplementation. Not every supplement is created equal. This is even true when it comes to HCG weight loss injections. HCG injections that can be bought online, without a prescription should not be taken. There is no regulation for these injections. Through HCG Assisted Diet a full evaluation by a medical professional will take place before any prescription is given. Once the prescription has been written, the HCG injections will need to be filled through a respected U.S pharmacy. This is one way in which we ensure that our weight loss supplementation will work.

HCG helps the body improve muscle growth which in turn will burn fat. These injections are not a stand alone option, and are only meant to supplement our outstanding weight loss and diet program. Contact HCG Assisted Diet to learn more about our program and our weight loss injections.