Dr Emma – Provider

Dr. Emma is an HCG Assisted Diet Provider

HCG Assisted Diet and the Bodyology Center offers patients an effective weight loss treatment that combines daily doses of HCG and a specific restricted-calorie diet. We do not use the original Simeon’s HCG protocols. We use our own weight reduction protocols and those of Dr. Sheri Emma, MD. Dr. Emma is a recognized expert on the subject of HCG. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey and other television and radio shows. HCG Assisted Diet and Bodyology Center are providers in Dr. Emma’s network.

Like we have done at our clinic and with our weight loss consultant support team, Dr. Emma has also modified the original diet with other food choices, more dosing options and a better understanding of the role HCG plays in muscle retention while creating effective weight loss.

Dr. Emma HCG Weight loss Program

As an approved provider for Dr. Emma’s network, we are pleased to add her professional talents which she has contributed to our effective weight loss program. This program combines the benefits of low dose Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone with a very low calorie diet and a weight loss consultant to effectively help patients lose weight and restore the body to a more healthy natural state.

Our HCG weight loss program defers in many ways from the traditional Simeons HCG Diet. Simeon’s diet has a “one size fit all” approach and too many components of his program are not based on scientific research. Dr. Emma’s HCG Weight Loss Program was created based on her clinical research and trials.

The HCG Assisted Diet Center and Dr. Emma’s protocols are very similar and are adjusted and tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs.

The benefits the combined talents of The HCG Assisted Diet Bodyology Center and Dr. Emma’s HCG Weight Loss Programs are:

  • Only protocol for HCG Injections with US patent pending and only US Products
  • Unlike Dr. Simeon’s protocol, our diet is based on our years of experience and clinical research
  • Between us, we have worked with thousands of patients
  • Typical patients lose between one half a pound and one pound a day
  • Decreased hunger sensation
  • No massive muscle wasting as would occur without HCG
  • You will increase lean body mass during the weight loss program
  • Sensible diets that can easily be integrated into your daily life
  • Great access and ongoing counseling support is included with the program