hCG Assisted Diet

HCG Injections & Bad Habits

As weight loss goals become more difficult to achieve, many individuals begin to look for ways to improve their natural weight loss. Many of these people find that HCG weight loss injections may significantly help them lose weight in a shorter amount of time. HCG weight loss injections are not just for the average person who is trying to lose a few extra pounds before bathing suit season. These weight loss injections are meant to aid in major weight loss. HCG is a prescription weight loss injection that can only be legally prescribed by a medical professional, like the physicians at HCG Assisted Diet.

One of the most common questions that people have when they sign up for HCG Assisted Diet is how their lives will change with the addition of weight loss injections. This diet program is closely monitored and an individual’s dietary restrictions are quite significant when compared to normal food intake. Other HCG assisted diet programs limit caloric intake to about 500 calories per day, while we do not go this far, bad eating habits and other poor health habits will need to be changed. Certain foods that are high in sugars, saturated fats, and processed chemicals should be cut out to improve weight loss. Smoking is also another health habit that our physicians ask to be discontinued to help improve overall success of the weight loss program. HCG weight loss injections should also not be used when alcohol is being ingested. Therefore, we ask that all of our weight loss participants discontinue their alcohol use while participating in our program.

To learn more about HCG Assisted Diet and our prescription weight loss supplements, call one of our dedicated representatives, today. We will help you lose weight while teaching you how to live a healthier lifestyle.