hCG Assisted Diet

Real v. Fake HCG

Quality Genuine HCG v. Fake Homeopathic HCG

Quality Products Support You Best, Achieving Reliable Results
Our HCG Assisted Diet programs obtain Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and supplement products from superior FDA-registered and inspected facilities.
This means they are:

  • Manufactured under strict FDA-approved conditions
  • Quality tested throughout the manufacturing process, and
  • Pass final quality tests before they are shipped to you

Quality HCG and supplement products help  insure that you achieve the results you paid for. Know where to buy HCG online so you can trust that you’ll get the results you want.

Products that do not work.

Do NOT Buy Homeopathic HCG. It is a waste of money and DOES NOT WORK:

Such products can come in the form of oral drops, pellets or sprays. Manufacturers of the fake over the counter homeopathic products have prevented legal action by adding the label “HORMONE FREE” to their products. In other words, they now admit that their products do not contain HCG, a prescription hormone. Make sure you purchase HCG injections from a trusted, safe, and reliable source.

In December 2011, The FDA and the FTC issued an important warning: FDA Position (December 6, 2011): Homeopathic & Over the Counter HCG Must Be Removed from the Market!

The FDA News Alert stated that all over-the-counter (OTC) or Homeopathic HCG should be removed from the market. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today (Dec 06, 2011) issued seven Warning Letters to companies marketing over-the counter (OTC) HCG products that are labeled as “homeopathic” for weight loss.

Their statement also explained:  Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced from the human placenta and found in the urine of pregnant women. HCG is FDA-approved as an injectable prescription drug for the treatment of some cases of female infertility and other medical conditions. There are no FDA-approved program for weight loss. HCG use by injection of Pharmaceutical HCG has not been tested by the FDA so they cannot have a position other than saying using HCG for weight loss has not approved by the FDA.

HCG is a prescription medication that must come from a licensed doctor and pharmacy. If you have been fooled by one of these scams, please call us today to find out how to properly complete the program.

Verifying product quality when you buy HCG online

Freshly mixed HCG products work best and are the best quality for use. HCG has a shelf life of no more than 30 days after mixing/reconstitution. Product quality begins deterioration shortly after the 30 days. This means there should be no such thing as one vial holding 40 or 50 day supply for use. Our program guarantees that you have fresh HCG throughout your diet program. We provide our HCG in two vials for any program over 30 days. You’ll be able to buy HCG online from us with confidence that you are getting the best.

Pharmacies that manufacture HCG are very different. There is a wide range of experience and expertise in manufacturing capacity and product quality. We are proud that our pharmacy is Boca Ratons Premier Pharmacy. They are one of a very few Compounding Pharmacies that is an FDA-approved manufacturing facility. We chose them for their outstanding reputation and quality control. We pass that quality on to you with every program.

HCG Product forms and effectiveness

HCG requires a prescription. Legal USA HCG can only come from a pharmacy.

We believe that HCG injections are the most effective form of this product for HCG-Assisted weight loss. It delivers the most HCG into your system with the best possible results. Based on our experience, injecting can be painless and easy.

Sometimes HCG is sold in prefilled syringes. This is an illegal form of the product. It is also ineffective because you don’t know where it was manufactured or mixed (expiration dates). In our opinion and experience, this form of HCG is not worth the risk.

Any version or derivative of HCG that is sold over the counter is not an effective product. These versions typically and especially include homeopathic drops and tablets.

Any version of HCG that is sold without a prescription, sold at a flea market, on Craigslist or E-bay is not effective for an HCG-Assisted Diet program. These products are fraudulent and illegally sold. Real HCG requires a prescription and medical history evaluation by a Physician.

Evaluating other HCG-Assisted Weight Loss Programs

If you are evaluating other dosages & programs, here are some important questions to ask:

  • How many vials come with your program (Note: any program over 30-days should deliver two separate vials)?
  • Where is the HCG from (Note: we recommend using product manufactured in the USA only)?
  • Will I receive vials or pre-filled syringes (Note: Prefilled syringes are second best and leave you with questions about filling conditions, product quality and expiration dates)?
  • What is my optimal calorie intake each day for this program (Note: minimal recommended is 750 calories, yet the program differs from person to person)?
  • Is your program medically supervised (Note: Ask for the name of the doctor registered to the company offering you HCG)?
  • Is your clinic licensed and registered in the state of Florida (Note: Ask for the registration and license numbers and verify them)?