hCG Assisted Diet

The Difference Between Real HCG and Not Real HCG

If you want to lose weight, then you’ve probably already tried numerous diets. Sometimes you may have lost the weight, and eventually the weight came back, and sometimes even more that before. Right now the HCG assisted diet is getting a lot of attention. As a result, a lot of disreputable companies are targeting you, perhaps luring you with saving money, when in fact the product they are selling you is not safe, likely with not work, and can be very harmful to your health.  At the Bodyology Center, we can help you lose weight with the HCG assisted diet. The HCG diet, when followed by Dr. Gary Levine and his medical team can help you permanently lose weight; however, you need medical supervisor and quality HCG for this diet to be a safe and effect tool for weight loss. We can help you make sure you will be getting quality, real HCG and not fake HCG.


So what does “real” HCG look like?
HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is an injection that is a hormone, and you need to make sure you are buying your HCG from a reputable pharmacy. HCG always requires a prescription, if it doesn’t, then it’s not legally obtained. Avoid buying prefilled HCG syringes. Even if it happens to be authentic HCG, it’s another illegal form of the drug. Furthermore, since HCG has such short shelf life, you can’t determine its potency level.

Are these HCG drops real HCG?
Don’t guess. If you can buy HCG over the counter it is not going to be a very useful product. If you see anything about homeopathic drops on the label, avoid it because it’s not true HCG drops. Real HCG drops also require a prescription. Another label to steer clear from is hormone-free HCG drops, this is also a worthless product without the correct amount of HCG that will aid in weight loss.

Can I use HCG tablets in place of shots or drops?
Possibly, and typically HCG taken this way is referred to as HCG Pellets. Again, to make sure you are getting real HCG tablets, make sure they are not homeopathic tabs. Therefore, you still need a prescription and must fill the prescription at a pharmacy. Anything that can be found at a vitamin and supplement store is not real HCG. Learn more about how the HCG diet can help you lose weight by calling the Bodyology Center at 954-929-7670. With us, you always get authentic HCG when sent to the Premier Pharmacy of Boca Raton, FL.

9. weight-loss

9. weight-loss